Screening & Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment (SBIRT):
Catch someone before they fall

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SBIRT emphasizes early identification, education, and self- management to prevent more serious involvement with alcohol & drugs.It benefits both community and individual health by addressing at-risk but non-dependent alcohol and drug use and reducing substance abuse-related healthcare utilization.


  • Results in fewer suicide attempts and mental health inpatient visits (Gerstein et al, 1997).
  • Can reduce risk of re-injury requiring emergency department or hospital admission by 50%.

A screening is quick to implement and can

  • ›Be conducted even by people with limited experience in the alcohol and drug area.  
  • Signal the need for further evaluation or a brief intervention.

Brief Interventions

Brief Interventions include a series of up to four short counseling sessions to discuss problem drinking & drugging. Sessions may last from five to fifteen minutes each; the entire intervention doesn’t usually take more than one hour.

Referral to Treatment

Before someone can be admitted into treatment, they need a clinical evaluation.  Many insurance companies cover assessment as part of their benefits package.  At ADSGC, we provide clinical evaluations.

We teach

We teach detailed SBIRT how-to’s & offer support.

We teach how to make your interventions more effective with skills like Motivational Interviewing, and

  • Style and language choice
  • Ability to communicate respect, concern and lack of judgment
  • Care provider empathy and body language
  • Creating a safe, protective environment, especially for women

›We offer informational pamphlets.

While information alone is not an effective change agent, specific methods for how to change can be very helpful.

›We have stories to share about people who have changed their alcohol use and how it has affected their lives.

For more information, explore this website from the Montana Department of Health and Human Services or the SAMHSA SBIRT resource page