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Prevention, education, addiction & mental health treatment services to help on  your road to a healthy lifestyle.

About Our Programs

At ADSGC, all treatment services are based on individual needs. To best serve those needs, we use a variety of effective clinical approaches and therapy modalities, including on and off-site options.

On-site Outpatient Programs

Participants in our outpatient programs learn about: the disease of addiction, how to prevent relapse, the recovery process and barriers to recovery, the importance of family dynamics, and more. The length of each program is based on an individual’s progress. Learn more, here.

Court-Mandated Programs

ADSGC provides classes to adults and adolescents. These include Driving Under the Influence and Misdemeanor Dangerous Drugs Programs, Minor in Possession classes, and monthly “Monitoring” educational sessions. Learn more, here.

Offsite Programs

We have satellite offices in West Yellowstone and in Big Sky. Big Sky services are made possible through a partnership with “Women in Action.”  Learn more, here.

Sober Living Environments

The goal of a sober living environment is to end the cycle of intoxication by providing transitional housing, treatment and supportive services to substance abusers. Recovery House, Bozeman offers a sober living environment for up to 7 women, and Olive Branch offers a sober living environment for up to 7 men.  Learn more, here.

“Let’s Control It” Alcohol-Server Curriculum

  •  provides information about methods to prevent underage sales and over consumption of alcohol.
  • targets on-site alcohol establishments, like bars and restaurants, and off-site outlets selling alcohol to go, such as grocery and convenience stores. Learn more , here.