Youth Treatment and Adolescent Services

Services we provide includeEvaluations, Treatment Groups & Individual Counseling 
Family Counseling, Continuing Care, Monitoring & Intervention | Case Management & Other Services 

At Youth Treatment & Adolescent Services we

  • Help youth successfully abstain from mind and mood altering chemicals.
  • Assist adolescents and their family members in acquiring and coordinating services for a successful recovery.
  • Believe that each person is unique.  Our treatment  is respectful to the needs of each individual.

We work in 3 Steps

  1. Pre-Admission: Assessment, testing, evaluations, individual/family, case management.
  2. Treatment groups & individual/family counseling, ongoing case management.
  3. Monitoring, discharge planning, and referral.

Services we provide include


As concerns arise about an adolescent, he/she may be referred to our agency for an evaluation.  This consists of completing a series of testing instruments and a personal interview with a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor.  Upon completion of the assessment, a recommendation is made based on level of need.

Treatment groups

Groups cover alcohol and other drug related issues with the focus on individual concerns and alternatives to chemical usage, self values, motivation, changes, family, and more.

Our Outpatient groups meet Tuesdays from 4 to 6 PM and the program typically run for 10 weeks. Each participant needs to complete an evaluation prior to being placed in a group. Please call ahead so we can begin the process of evaluations and assessment.

Individual counseling

Ongoing individual sessions will be scheduled along with groups.  Upon discharge at the end of the assigned groups, the adolescent will again meet individually with his/her counselor to discuss discharge and continued care.  Individual sessions can be arranged by appointment.

Family counseling

Family counseling is essential to the recovery and continued well being of an  adolescent. Sessions can be arranged by appointment.  Please call us with any questions or concerns.

Continuing Care

Continuing care services are available for adolescents who have completed inpatient or outpatient treatment and need continued support. Individual sessions and group sessions are both encouraged and can be arranged by appointment.


Treatment maintenance is the next step after completion of primary treatment. Monitoring groups are offered one time per month.  This is an ongoing process for the adolescent, for up to one year.

Case Management

Liaison services are available and strongly encouraged.  These include coordinating and monitoring services, assisting with necessary resources, and providing personal support and guidance in helping the adolescent and his/her family acquire comprehensive integrated services.

Other Services

We offer intervention, referrals, evaluations, and minor in possession programs. Community prevention/education specialists are also available to speak to groups and/or provide technical help in developing prevention programs.