Youth who receive a Minor in Possession (MIP) alcohol citation from law enforcement are usually required by the courts to take an MIP Education Class.  ARC offers this class once per month for youth and their parents or caregivers.

For youth, the class is 6 hours in length and covers the following topics

  1. The law
  2. Physiological effects of alcohol and drugs
  3. Progressions of use to misuse to abuse to dependency
  4. Values, decision making, responsibility
  5. Self-assessment, Chemical Use History

Remember: Anyone under the age of 18 needs to sign up for class with a parent present.  Intake is on Thursdays from 1:00 to 6:00 PM on a drop-in basis and enrollment takes about 15 minutes.

The MIP Class Parent Component

The MIP Class Parent Component is 2 hours long, some with just the facilitator and other parents, and some with the parents and youth together.   It’s a place to talk in group discussion that covers the following topics

  1. Dangers of youth using alcohol, and other drugs.Legal consequences and liability issues
  2. Protective factors to lower risk of youth use of alcohol and other drugs
  3. Adolescent Development
  4. Strategies to move forward

Here’s some resources to learn more about Minor in Possession (MIP)

Visit our Parent Resource Page

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